Online Clothing Store Review ~ MODLOTH (and more)

Some of the items mentioned in this post are from past seasons and not sold on Modcloth anymore but they could pop up at any time on Ebay and you'll find other pieces similar in style on the website.


CLEO ~ Christina in Blue/Orange . 28E

Wow. I've never had so much trouble getting a bra than I had with Cleo's Christina. It was quite a frustrating adventure. I first saw it pop up on Figleaves some weeks ago now but I didn't want to place an order for a single set because I knew there were other SS 2014 bras I wanted to try and shipping costs add up very quickly when you don't live in the UK. So I waited. Then I saw it on sale on ASOS and they have free shipping and free returns. Win/Win. So off I went to order a 75E, the French equivalent of a 28E. I received a 75DD/28DD and didn't know what to think: did the people that had handled the order make a mistake or were ASOS's size conversions messed up? It clearly read UK28DD / FR75DD on the bra label and FR75E on my order form. So I took a chance and ordered another FR75E. I received a FR75DD/28DD. Again. By now it was clear that the French version of the ASOS website was messed up size-wise. The UK28E I so dearly wanted had to be the FR75F. Only it was out of stock. And it was out of stock everywhere I thought to look on the internet. I began checking ASOS and Figleaves a bit obsessively in case some returns came in. My OCD paid off and I was able to snag a 75F on ASOS. I received the package today and it was with a bit of trepidation that I opened it: UK28E. Victory at last!

On to the review of the bra itself.


PARFAIT AFFINITAS ~ Charlotte in Red . 28E

I've had my eye on the Charlotte for a long time and Parfait releasing it in a 28-inch band was what decided me to buy it. It's widely acknowledged that the "old" version of the bra ran very small in both band and cup but feedback on the "new" version is less widely available. The general concensus seemed to be that it ran truer to size so I crossed my fingers and ordered a 28E.


BEAUJAIS ~ Sweet Nothings in Teal . 28E

I first heard of British luxury brand Beaujeais on the wonderful blog of Miss Underpinnings last summer. I really fell in love with their Sweet Nothings line but at £95 the bra and £49 the bottoms, there was no way I would ever place an order. I just couldn't justify spending that much money on a lingerie set when I had a whole collection to build.

But  shortly before Christmas, I saw that they had the Sweet Nothings on sale for £30 in a 28E. I couldn't believe my luck. First positive effect of having lost a cup-size. The panties were still at £49 so that rounded things up to £79 for the set. But what the heck, Christmas only comes once a year. I decided to treat myself. With very mixed results.


Boob Shrinkage

2013 was a big year for me for many reasons. One of them is weight loss. I'd decided to take myself in hand and now, a year later, I'm happy to say I've reached my goal and more.

But that "more" is wreaking havoc on my bra collection!


CLEO ~ Meg in Bird Print 28F

I came too late to the party when it comes to a lot of lines that I now lust after but the Cleo Meg wasn't an unlucky casualty of this. I remember quite clearly browsing through websites and seeing it in my size. But at the time, I didn't find it very attractive and had no interest in it. When I finally woke up to its gorgeousness, it was all gone in my size. But I was lucky enough to find a used one for sale on Bratabase.


CURVY KATE ~ Tease Me in Cherry/Blush 28F

Yesterday, I received the gorgeous Curvy Kate Tease Me in Cherry/Blush in the mail. I've been wanting this bra for months and now it's all mine. My precious. I will spend some time talking about the story between the Tease Me and me before the review proper. Feel free to skip ahead!